Lease/Rental Property Registration

ALL Unit Owners that enter into a Rental Agreement on their condominium unit, MUST submit a signed Lease copy that shall contain the section below to the WVCA Executive Board within 10 days of the execution of lease agreement to the following: WVCA P.O.Box 7324 York, Pa, 17404

“CONDOMINIUM STATUS”. Tenant acknowledges that the premises being rented by the lease is a condominium unit (sometimes hereinafter called the “Unit”) and is subject to a certain Declaration of Condominium ownership for Woodland View Condominium (the “Condominium”) which Declaration and any amendments to it have been duly recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds for York County, Pennsylvania (the “Declaration”). Leased to Tenant as part of the Unit are the right to use any Limited Common Elements appurtenant to the Unit and the right to use the Condominium Common Elements in common with other Unit Owners of the Condominium, in both cases subject to such restrictions, rules and regulations related thereto as are now or hereafter contained in any of the Declaration, Bylaws of the Condominium, or the Condominium Association’s Rules and Regulations. Upon written request, Lessor shall make available to Tenant a copy of the Declaration, Bylaws of the Condominium, or the Condominium Association’s Rules and Regulations. Tenant agrees to abide by all of the covenants or restrictions imposed upon occupants of Units and upon Unit Owners by the Declaration, and the Bylaws of the Condominium, and the Rules and Regulations of the Condominium Association, as all of them may be amended from time to time. Any violation by Tenant of any such covenants or restrictions shall be deemed a breach of this lease. Tenant hereby permits the Executive Board of the Condominium Association and its officers and agents to proceed directly against Tenant for any breach by Tenant of any of such covenants or restrictions. The Condominium Association is expressly made a third-party beneficiary of this provision.”

Additionally Landlords MUST, in accordance with Manchester Township Code of Ordinances, (Chapter 11, Part 1) submit a completed Rental Registration Form to Manchester Township.

ALL Landlords MUST register rental properties including the Names & Address of tenants within 10 days of each move-in (or) move out. Failure to do so can result in a Fine. Completed Form Must be returned to: Manchester Township, 3200 Farmtrail Road, York, Pa. 17406-5699.

Additional information regarding Manchester Township “Rental Property Registration Form” can be found online at